My Top 7 Tips & Tricks

 for APIS® you should know

to work faster & more efficiently

Do you work with APIS® and find it complicated to use? Sometimes you don't know what to do? But you still want to do your job as best as possible?

Test yourself here if you already know everything I tell you in my Top 7 Tips & Tricks:

My Top 7 Tips & Tricks for APIS®

Tip #1: Navigate faster in APIS®

It is only a shortcut but will save you a lot of time when navigating in APIS®.

Tip #2: Navigate even faster in APIS®!

This is another shortcut with the same effect: It’ll save you a lot of time when navigating in APIS®.

Tip #3: Never type anything again

With this functionality you can re-use functions, failures and actions which you already typed in and you don’t need to type them in again.

Tip #4: Save time when inserting failures

Save 55% of your time with this functionality in APIS® when inserting failures

Tip #5: Only One click to open an specific item in APIS®

Create a link to a specific point in your APIS® FMEA file and paste it for example in an Email.

Tip #6: If you are searching …

… then use this editor instead of CTRL + F because this editor will list all results in a list!

Tip #7: Filter everything

You want to show all S=10 in your FMEA or filter only for Special Characteristics? Then use this functionality in APIS®.

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My top 7 Tips & Tricks for APIS® IQ-FMEA®/IQ-RM® Pro