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Handle your FMEA in APIS® with variants

​Are you afraid of destroying your FMEA when you work with variants?

The format for this section is known as PAS: Pain, Agitation, Solution. Start by identifying your customer’s pain. Show them that you understand their problem.

Don’t rush to introduce your course, but instead be really specific when you describe exactly how it feels to have this problem. You want your reader to start nodding and thinking “Yes, that’s exactly my problem!

Once you’ve really made the pain clear, it’s time to agitate it. Indulge in how this problem gets worse. Why is it frustrating? Why does it feel so awful? What is it that makes the problem so problematic?

After a few short paragraphs, you should have your readers 100% focused on the issue and how bad it is.

If you are writing a long-form sales page, this is the section that would grow the most. You could expand this into a blog post format, with a content pattern that explores the customer’s pain even further. Add images, icons, subheadings, quotes and more.

If you’ve written this section well, your visitors should be wanting a solution by the end of it. They’ll be hoping that you’re about to turn things around and relieve their pain for them.

And you are…

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